I have been working as a professional Illustrator, Digital Matte Artist and VFX Art Director for clients in the US, UK and Brazil.
Since 2004, I have focused my career on the concept design and art direction for Visual Effects, Motion Graphics and Animation, being part of the staff of important studios like Trattoria Filmes, Oca Animation and Vetor Zero, all based in Sao Paulo, Brazil and 422 South in Bristol, UK, where I lived for 2 years.
Some of my projects includes commercial films, music videos, award winning short-movies and award winning documentaries for clients like: BBC, NatGeo, Discovery and History Channel and international advertising agencies.
In the games industry, for 2 years, I was the senior art director at Top Free Games, a mobile game company based in Sao Paulo, creators of Bike Race and Sniper Shooter, both, huge success cases for IOS and Android.
I am a VES (Visual Effects Society) active member and also a founding member of SIB (The Brazilian Society of Illustrators).
On the comics and entertainment industry, I am one of the 4 authors of QUAD, an independent sci-fi comic book project. 
You can reach me at: schaal.studio@gmail.com and +55 11 972 789 130
Thank you!
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